Edutella - An Educational oriented Semantic Peer-to-Peer Network
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Project Description

Edutella is a peer to peer network for searching semantic web metadata. Hence, apart from many other p2p networks the data, e.g. files, are not actually shared in the network rather than the information that describes what the data is about, i.e. the metadata. Edutella is not a single network, rather it enables various systems to form networks for exchange of metadata according to semantic web standards. To enable a specific system on Edutella typically involves two steps:

  1. Finding out what information the system contains and how it can be represented on the semantic web with help of existing standards.
  2. Implement a provider peer that realizes the translation between the systems representation and the semantic web representation according to 1.

Somewhat simplified the core of Edutella consists of a library and a query language. The library, can be used to form new edutella networks or build provider or consumer peers that connect to existing Edutella networks. The Edutella Query Language (QEL) is an extension of datalog suitable for querying semantic web metadata expressed in the Resource Description Format (RDF). The Edutella query language is primarily designed for exchange of queries. Hence, when a provider-peer of metadata recieves a Edutella Query the first thing it does it to translate it into a form that it can manage, e.g. if the data is in a relational database it will translate the query into SQL.


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